What business are you in? [PODCAST]

If you think your 9 to 5 life and your 5 to 9 life are different lives, then you’re just living a schizophrenic experience. The business in your life is also realizing your life is your business.

Our work in life is not what we do but who we are.

In a rare up close and personal interview, Noah benShea speaks about life and to you!

Noah benShea, one of North America’s most respected and popular poet-philosophers, sat down for a conversation with host Mark Sylvester for a wide ranging talk that will definitely get you to thinking about your life, your relationships, your work and what you can and cannot control.

Noah is also a scholar, theologian, long range thinker, executive advisor, speaker, and International Best-Selling author who was, by the age of 23, an Assistant Dean of Students at UCLA and, by 30, a consulting fellow to a number of esteemed think tanks including The Center for the Humanities at USC and The Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara. An inspirational public speaker for 35 years, he has lectured at literally hundreds of universities, including MIT, Harvard, and Duke/Fuqua School of Business, as well as given countless Keynote Addresses including to the Library of Congress. His work has been incorporated in publications of The Congressional Record, Oxford University and the World Bible Society in Jerusalem.

Sometimes referred to as the “Guru’s Guru” and a “Zen Mark Twain,” “An Evening With Noah benShea” was broadcast over national PBS in 150 cities, and Noah has been widely interviewed on radio, television, and in print across North America. He has also had a daily “thought” featured on a regional ABC affiliate and a weekly radio talk show.

Noah’s inspirational thoughts are branded and/or tied with some of North America’s largest companies including Starbucks, American Greetings, Lucky Brand Jeans, C&H Sugar, and Costco. His work dramatically impacting the workplace, and has appeared in hospitals, banks, on apparel, teddy bears, over 70 millions sugar packets and over 30 million Starbucks Coffee Cups. And honoring his father’s heroic struggle, Noah in 2005 accepted the title of National Laureate for the ALS Association.

In addition to his reflective life, Noah was a founding partner and later chairman of a national manufacturing company. He is often called upon both for long range forecasting and as an inspirational speaker, to communities and organizations including GAP Inc., Starbucks, and McCaw Communications, as well as The Department of Defense, The Air Force Academy, National Association of Parks and Recreation, and directed studies for 20 year projections for North America’s 50 most prominent developers and retailers. In 2007 he was a visiting professor of philosophy at University of California, San Francisco Medical School and serves as Ethicist for the The Sansum Diabetes Research Institute. Noah has served on Boards of Directors, and as a national lecturer to The Executive Committee, the Young President’s Organization and continues as an executive advisor to North American business and community leaders. Noah is the National Philosopher forFoundations Recovery Network and Executive Director of The Justice Project.

Noah is the father of a daughter, Jordan, and a son, Adam, both of whom are honor graduates of the University of California and authors in their own right. Born in Toronto, he lives in Santa Barbara, California, with his wife Julia Mora, an Interior Designer, and also resides part of each year in Italy.


You can view the whole piece on 805 Connect.

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