Faded Gloryville

Listening to NPR, I hear an interview with a singer about her new album, FADED GLORYVILLE. And I like the music. A lot. And it got me thinking.

Some people have had moments of glory in their life, and witnessed that glory fade, watched the lights go dark.

Some people have promised themselves that glory was just around the corner, and they haven’t yet turned that corner.

But glory in one’s life is like having balance in one’s life. You can find it at any moment and lose it any moment. With glory and balance there is no mission accomplished.

Of course, behind the faded curtains in every life is what glory really means to us.

For some of us glory is a prize bestowed on us by others. Live in that world and seeking glory doesn’t make us that much different from the seal banging his flippers together hoping someone will toss him a fish. Welcome to life in Sea World, and ain’t it a hell of a world?

On the other hand – and isn’t there always another hand? – all real acts of courage are something that usually happens on a private stage. This is not about running up hill under gunfire. It’s when you do the right thing because it’s the right thing and not because it’s something you do so someone else will reward you with applause. Remember the seal.

All of us in our lives have moments when we have a right to feel the glory of who we are. Just because of who we have been at a moment in our life.

And all of us in our lives have moments when we have seen our glory fade. When would have liked the lights to fade a little further so no one could see what we just did.

I’m not sure St. Augustine could sing a lick, but he got this right: “No saint without a past. No sinner without a future.” Welcome to Faded Gloryville.

Take a bow for the good and the bad on your private stage. And know you are not alone. And there is nothing like an audience to make you feel alone.

Noah benShea
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