The Justice Project

Noah is proud to be the Executive Director of The Justice Project, enjoy his Welcome letter below, and learn more about The Justice Project on their website

Timeless scripture foundational to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all remind us: “Justice, justice, shall you pursue.” From this we learn that greatness is not always in what we reach, but rather in that for which we reach. It is the pursuit of justice that is noble. Justice is not a goal we are less for not reaching but much less for not pursuing. And THE JUSTICE PROJECT is born out of this pursuit and the ethics of that effort.

THE JUSTICE PROJECT is currently focused on four major areas: Educational Justice – Environmental Justice – Economic Justice & Social Justice

As the truth in any re-telling is that a tale is told from many sides, justice is subject to the perspective of the perceiver. And although justice can be a shield there are those who would also turn it into a sword. Acknowledging this, THE JUSTICE PROJECT seeks to be a global visionary force operating with a balanced integrity as a “Champion” of what is right and good in these arenas.

While THE JUSTICE PROJECT might be described as a virtual think tank, our intention is to do more than think. Our self-mandated charter is not to list global injustices, which are mighty and many, but to learn, share, and induce consequence that will make a just difference.

At THE JUSTICE PROJECT we believe our goals to be both idealistic and attainable.  In accepting the challenge of this venture, we do not expect to finish the work at hand.  But, that does not excuse us from it.

Please take a look around the website and know we welcome, indeed count on, your caring and involvement. The world turns on such relationships.

Peace and blessings,


Noah benShea

Executive Director