Happy New Year To All Of Us Who Are Busy Being Born

New Year’s Eve is always a mix of emotions. It is as much melancholy as music. We simultaneously envision all the great ahead and all that has passed away.  To drop a tear when you hear Auld Lang Syne may be New Year’s most traditional cocktail.

But whether we shake it or stir it, the truth is that if we focus on the negative we will eventually be a prophet. So, how about we throw some positive into the shaker and chill.

Of course tough stuff is going to be coming down the pike, but the question is whether we are prepared to positively influence what we can influence and turn our stumbling blocks into building blocks.

This is not just fairy tale thinking. It is just not negative thinking. It is taking the road to yes when the head shakers warn you that no body’s ever done that before. It’s not always taking the road less travelled. It is taking the right attitude with you wherever you travel. And attitude is altitude.

The next time you are stepping into an elevator in a life experience and your inner you hears a voice warning, “going down,” step out of that elevator and say, “I’ll wait for the next one.”

People often ask me if I believe in re-incarnation, and I say, “I do. But, I just don’t think you have to die to be reborn.” And though it is not now or never, now is never again.

The best in you is waiting for the permission to be born. Simply give yourself the right to be better than you were. This is not a public admission. All real heroism happens on a private stage. If you’re good, you’ll know it. If you disappoint yourself, you’ll know that too. Welcome to being human.

The best in you isn’t ahead of you; it’s within you. Getting there is a homecoming. Of course sometimes we fail because we’re all frail. But don’t forget we’ve been in training for a long time. The average child falls 300 times before he or she learns to walk.

When you fall, don’t beat yourself up and think it’s an act of character. The key to making your life is better is not self-abuse but self-accountability. Count on it.

Happy New Year to all of us who are busy being born. Slap yourself on the butt, and say, welcome to the best in you. The rest of us have been waiting for you.


Noah benShea