Every Adventure Begins With A Farewell

Noah benShea

My wife and I recently moved. And while on the phone with a friend, I commented about how exhausting this whole moving thing can be.
And when I got off the phone, I slammed my palm to my forehead thinking, duhhhh, about what I had just said.

Whether we are changing addresses or not, we are all moving. Always. We live on a planet spinning in space at 1080 miles an hour.
Any of us who think we are stable just aren’t thinking.

And no matter what we think we believe in, it too is subject to the season in our lives. The philosopher Proust reminds us: “All of our final decisions are made in states of mind that do not last.” Listening to opinions is like listening to the radio, stay tuned. Giving your word on something is very different from having a few words to say about something.

We are not only moving in mind and space, we are also always on the move biologically. The life span of adult skin cells is approximately 50 days. Every 50 days some part of you will be new.

The average child falls 300 times before they learn to walk.
From the first time we move until the last move we make we are all growing, failing, and falling.  And not just surviving but embracing this as a right is the triumph of the human experience.

People ask me if I believe in reincarnation.
And I say absolutely. I just don’t think you have to die to be reborn.
All of us are literally dying to be reborn. All the time.
And most of us are in denial of this. Einstein wrote: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It only changes form.” All energy is on the move all the time. No time outs.

Today isn’t the first day of the rest of your life.
It is the first day of the rest of your lives. The term grown up is a misnomer. There are not grown ups. There are only growing ups.
Imagine that.

We are born on a journey. And will die on the journey.
And while we are each alone on this journey, we are all alone together. Imagine that.

At the end of the day the whole thing about moving is what a moving experience it is. In the middle of my move, a wise soul sent me an e note: “Every adventure begins with a farewell.”

Enjoy your adventure, even if you’re convinced you haven’t moved in years, and there’s not cardboard box in sight.

Noah benShea
Copyright 2011 All rights reserved