5 Thoughts that will improve your life

5 thoughts that will improve your life
Noah benShea

1) “God bless the broken road that led me straight to you. “

Heard this line in a song on a country music station.
Reinforced my long time thinking that broken plans don’t have to break our spirit.
Reminded me to honor what is happening even if it doesn’t honor what I thought should be happening.
Sometimes broken plans are all part of the plan.

2) “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.”
– Dr. Seuss

I think this might be the best emotional advice for what we can’t get over, or won’t get over, and should be smiling over.
Sometimes we have to cherish the past because it is past.
Sometimes we have to give up sadness for what didn’t work and smile at the work it gave us.
Pray less please and more thank you.

3) “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.”
– Henry Ford

I’m not a big Henry Ford fan, but long ago I realized that God chooses God’s own violins.
I can’t decide who the truth will play through, or like them, my work is simply to know the truth when I hear it.
And this thought is dead on true.
Once we make up our mind, our mind makes us.
This is how our brain physically operates and our psychology follows.
Next time you say, “I’ve made up mind,” you might want to think about what else it will make.

4) “What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want.”
– Minon McLaughlin

The old line from the Romans was that the gods torment us by giving us what we want.
But taking the “gods” out of the picture and putting responsibility in the driver’s seat, we have to take responsibility for who we are not because we have failed in life but because we have been successful.
Getting what we want may not make us who we want to be.
Working on what we want is not the same as working on who we are.
We all have different jobs but all work is sacred.

5) “Stop trying to find time and instead make time.”
– Noah benShea

Years ago I woke up in a London hotel room and found scribbled on my note pad next to the pad, “I write things wiser than I am.”
This is one of those lines that came less from me than through me.
And these are the kind of thoughts I always pay attention to.
And now whenever I think about trying to find some time to do what things, or I hear others tell me that they’ll try to find the time to do something, I always think:
Stop trying to find time and instead make time.
Time is elastic.
Physicists tell us this.
Experience reinforces it.
An eternity is any moment opened with patience.

A friend of mine’s mother has passed away. I am heading to a funeral. Death never takes a vacation just a delay of game.

Cherish the treasure of the moment with someone you love. And don’t forget to love you. I ain’t got nothin’ smarter than that to say. Thanks for your company.

Noah benShea Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

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