Noah BenShea's Inner Beauty Tips

At some point in time in each of our lives we have all felt there was some flaw in how we look. But you don’t need medical insurance or a big wallet or plastic surgery to make yourself more attractive. You do need to be honest, loving, and willing to make today a new day. If you’re ready to stop getting ready and prepared to get going here are…


•    Don’t confuse your need for a diet with a willingness to digest the truth.

•    What you feel is missing from your life won’t be found on the end of a fork.

•    Nothing tastes as good as feeling better about who you are.

•    See what is beautiful in you.

•    Look at what is beautiful in others.

•    Lose the weight of being wrong.

•    Lose the weight of being right.

•    Face up to who you are.

•    Look up to who you might yet be.

•    Erase time lines; don’t live your life in the past lane.

•    The best nose job comes from keeping your nose out of other people’s business.

•    The best brow job is when you stop brow beating yourself or others.

•    The best face lift comes from lifting your spirits.

•    The best form of exercise is exercising your right to be you.

•    The best work out is working on who you are.

•    The best way to cheer your self up is to cheer yourself on.

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