When I was young and believed in promises time couldn’t keep, I promised my parents I’d be home before dark.


But at some point, in all of our lives, it gets dark in the light of day.


The parents, who would always wait up for us, find God waiting for them.


The childhood we thought would never end, ends without a thought.


And “I’ll be home before dark” is not a promise we make, but a promise mortality makes to us.


We’ll all be home before dark.


Noah benShea


And from my new book…We Are All Jacobs Children                 




It was the last turn of dark before the dawn—the crack between the worlds.

The morning light hinted at its intentions without giving up its secrets.

Jacob folded the pillow in half and propped it behind his neck so he might look out the window.

He watched the shadow world of green leaves wave slowly back and forth as if in a syncopated meditation like that of a metronome.

In this moment, Jacob observed the day without the bias of expectation. He let judgment have its rest and was certain only of life’s uncertainty.

The road ahead is the path within, thought Jacob.

Then he opened his heart, released his mind, and entered prayer.

Here was pause without borders.

Here was the Grace of faith.

Here, he knew, was his soul’s safe place.

And the chorus of silence said, “Amen.”

Jacob rolled from his side of the bed and placed both feet on the floor.

He sat there wordless, motionless, watching his feet, acknowledging – if only to himself – I am a tourist in the now.


Noah benShea

Henry Rosas