6 Truths To Compass You On Your Journey

It is not the philosopher’s work to make simple difficult
but difficult things simple.  

And no one has ever found their way in life, 
who has not at some point felt lost. 

So, here are 6 truths, wrapped in brevity, 
to compass you on your journey. 

1) Be thankful, and you will be blessed.
Gratitude is the portal to all prayer. 
And prayer is the portal to all blessings.

2) Seek peace and blessings, in that order.
Any peace we find in life is its own blessing. 
And any blessing that does not bring us peace
is no blessing. 

3) Pray less “please” and more “thank you.”
God is not a cosmic waiter. 

4) Prayer is a path where there is none. 
When we shut our eyes God does not go into hiding. 
And be assured…
God is never so with you as when you feel alone. 

5) Every great adventure begins with a farewell. 
Over every finish line in life are the words, “Begin here!”
Your work in life isn’t what you do but who you are. 

6) The great challenge in life is to be who you are. 
The great opportunity in life is to be who you might yet become.

Noah benShea
Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved

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