Put a Bow on Time and Health

If you are looking for a last minute gift suggestion, for anyone, I’ve got the answer.

I also promise you, no returns. And if you’re re-gifted, you’ll be grateful.

The best gift to give anyone, at any time in life, is time. And did I mention health?

If you think gifting someone with time and health is like an ancient aunt moving in for a kiss on your birthday, then you don’t remember when your aunt was hot and could set men’s imagination on fire!

If you think gifting others with time and health will be something they find borrrrrrring, ask them again in the last minutes of their life, or in the life of someone they love. Or did I say, in your life?

Now I know it may not be in our power to give others time and health, but we sure can wish them that. And put that wish in our heart. And send it off with prayers. Not to mention that self-care can be its own answer to prayer.

If you are wondering on the efficacy of this kind of gift giving, let me assure you there are no assurances. But life tends to smile on those who smile back. Besides, if you want a guarantee buy a vacuum cleaner.

The old salesman’s adage is, “Don’t sell anything; find a need and meet it.”

With time and health we can tell someone we are sorry we didn’t tell them we loved them before now, or in a long time. And it’s about time.

With time and health, we can dance under the moon. Or remember when we did.

With time and health we can remind ourselves that time and health trump fame and fortune, and we are fortunate if we learn this before we run out of time and health.

We all decide what lies we want to believe, but Scripture got it right, “This too shall pass.” And did I say, too fast?

The here and now is now and here, and from here forward, I promise you, time and health will be globally front and center as the golden carrot dangling at the end of the stick in front of all of us. Of course, the bigger the carrot, the longer the stick.

Put a bow on time and health. And gift yourself.