What are you fishing for?

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.
— Henry David Thoreau

In almost every social situation we are all fishing for something. But, when we bait our hook, we often rarely know what we are really fishing for or even why we are fishing.

We are told that Jesus was a fisher of men. The bait he used was love. And it worked. Later fishers of men used fear. And it works. Some even say it works better. Not sure Jesus would agree.

To fish for love you have to troll with passion. So, if you are looking to love, and be loved, make sure you have passion in your bait box. Find that quiet, secret place only you know, where self-love is swimming under the bank of blue shadows.

Writers, whether they cop to it or not, are generally fishing for fame and fortune. A few will take the fame or fortune, say thank you, and be satisfied to have that in their pan. A few less will find they’ve also hooked the blessing of being a blessing to others. And be hooked. Yes, me. To know you are blessed is its own blessing.

The Dali Lama says being kind makes you kind. Kind of stretches the imagination to see the Dali Lama fly-fishing, but that’s an excellent thought to bait your hook. Some people use worms. Some people use “Ommm.”

Discovering what we are fishing for in life and why does not require us to get up before dawn and trudge through the woods, or head out to sea against dark waves. Or to confuse what we are doing with what we are after.

A lot of us confuse success with being successful. And a lot of us confuse failure with being a failure. And we don’t land fishing’s mantra.

Fishing is about fishing. It isn’t about catching or not catching.

It is about smiling at seeing the ripple highway in the water when the wind is at your back. And saying, thank you. It is not about casting your hours to the wind.

Some would consider Jesus a failure because he only caught 12 disciples.

And come on, what can only 12 disciples accomplish?

Teach your children to fish for what they want in life and to give back more than they get. Then the one that got away won’t be the best in you or them.


Noah benShea

All rights reserved Copyright 2015


Image courtesy of World Wild Life