Tele-Pressure Burnout

Nothing tells us we are in the midst of an ever-changing world like the emergence of ever-changing language. Unless we can talk about it, there is a part of us that can’t conceive something is happening. Honoring this truth, guess what word just hatched? Tele- Pressure!

Apparently, Tele-Pressure is the pressure to immediately respond to all telecommunications that come your way. The info can arrive via any communicative medium, emerging or otherwise, and the immediacy of transmission brings with it an implied feeling of “I better answer this and damn fast!”

In your car, at the dinner table, or even in bed, this burning need to reply brings with it burnout. Studies show we now feel compelled not only to react but also to respond with alacrity more and more often.  As a consequence, more and more of us are feeling fried. That is spelled, burnout to the max.

The challenge of course in facing this information is sending ourselves one more piece of additional information.  The real challenge in life is to decide how and when you choose to face the challenges you meet, in any medium.

With time we are able to explore the depths of life.

Finding the time necessary for this exploration requires us to examine what we really need.

Do not confuse needs with wants.

Life is often heavy only because we choose to carry it.

Any peace we find in life is its own blessing, and any blessing that does not bring us peace is no blessing.

I’d like to continue with the above good advice, but an incoming email about a new Twitter feed is telling me I need to check out Instagram so I can get back to my Linkedin contact and their ad on Google. Sorry, but I’m in Tele-Pressure Burnout.

Oh, and post script: Tonight, before bed, put your iPhone down and kiss your wife, not the other way ‘round.’


Noah benShea, Copyright 2014

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