The Tyranny of Urgency


Noah benShea

Too many of us live under the tyranny of urgency.
But when we live under the fear of running out of time,
we are already running the clock on the moments we have.
When we perceive our life as pressed for time, we are self-pressurized.
Unfortunately, and too often, people who lead self-pressured lives confuse it as character building
to be self-tyrannizing to urgency.

Once we are subscribed to the tyranny of the urgent,
we are so concerned about what will or won’t come next
we don’t pay attention to what is right in front of us.
And lose our way.

Holding our course in life does not disregard the urgent,

but neither does it make sense to make urgency the captain of our ship.
Just because people thought the world was flat, didn’t mean that ships sailed over the edge.
Often in life, we will, with every sense of urgency, do the wrong thing in a hurry.
– Noah

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