Introducing Jacob the Baker Audiobook

Many of you know about the Jacob the Baker books, embraced as best-sellers in North America, while reaching out and connecting around the world in 18 languages.  Now Noah has gone into a sound studio and done a reading of the complete book of JACOB THE BAKER and by clicking here you can listen and pre-order this audiobook or share with someone for whom you care. Across time so many people have told Noah that Jacob is a truth teller and a wise and gentle friend. Noah’s prayer is that you will find Jacob to be no less for you.

As one reader wrote, “When I hear Noah telling the stories in Jacob the Baker I can already feel my heart swelling and my blood pressure dropping.”

Enjoy, the Jacob the Baker Audiobook. Share it, and pass the along this gentle wisdom for a complicated world. This is the first time that the Jacob the Baker Audiobook has been available and for limited time we are offering pre-ordering to ensure you are able to reserve your copy.