Why Do You Pray?

Why Do You Pray?

Someone once asked me if I pray because it makes sense. And I said, “No, I don’tpray because it makes sense. I pray because my life doesn’t make sense without prayer.”

I don’t pray to bring God down to earth but to raise myself up and to keep going when I can’t even seem to get going.

In the middle of life’s struggles there inevitably comes a time in each of our lives when we collapse on the trail, or in a office, and we turn to the heavens demanding to know why this is happening, swearing we can’t take another step. This experience is often accompanied by a good cry and a fair amount of self-pity. Nevertheless, like you, I have learned that when the pity party is over there is little to be done but to stand up, straighten our pack, and put one foot in front of the other. And prayer I have found is a path where there is none.

Tears falling long enough can scar rocks,
but tears falling on our cheeks can also cause us to bloom.
And the wind in your face just might be God blowing you kisses.

Your life is a gift; prayer is a thank you note… It’s just good manners to send out your thank you notes when you’ve been given a great gift… and all of us are gifted who have been given the gift of life. Someone once said that courage is fear that’s said its prayers. Remember to say yours. And put your faith and not your fears in charge.

And may you never forget that God is never so with you as when you feel alone.

Peace and blessings,


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